Welcome to Joe's Blogg

Here at Joe's Blogg we are the top of the line Handyman. With a wide set of skills and experience, we are the one stop shop for all your home need. From crawling under the floors fixing the plumbing to up in the roof connecting lights , Joe's Blogg has your covered


Over 15 years in plumbing, we help with all household plumbings,more than just getting hair out the drain.

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What a shock! With 2 qualified electricians, we are ready to help you with you your electrical needs

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Renovations? Your in luck, we have all the tools and skills to do a complete renovation from the outside in

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Always Achieving Quality

Being able to work on all aspects, there is no confusion to the job and everyone is on the same page. This means that the we finish the jobs quicker and with a finish with higher quality

If your house getting tired, We are sure to wake it up

If you are needing renovations or home improvements your one stop for all your needs. Having a wide range of skills and experience, along with an expectation for high quality we ensure customer satisfaction.